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Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2021

For most businesses, 2020 was anything but the kind of year they had anticipated. Considering COVID-19 restrictions and stay-at-home orders, many businesses are now seeing the positive impact “digital marketing done right” can have on brand awareness. In the coming year, and that multiple reliable sources reveal, professional services and consumer products must rely even more on digital marketing to boost their sales and brand awareness in 2021. As a result, it’s very important for you and your team to stay up-to-date on key digital marketing trends—to be able to create the greatest amount of visibility and engagement for your company’s products and services.

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2020 B2B Marketing Trends

Over the last 15 years or so, we’ve seen the mercurial rise of marketing technology, content marketing, easy-access digital advertising and a slew of other strategies and tactics. But what’s on the horizon for business-to-business marketing in 2020? 

With minimalism on the rise (Marie Kondo, anyone?), we’re predicting 2020’s biggest B2B marketing trend will be a pullback toward what works and what is smart. As an industry, marketing will adopt a more "strategic-minimalist" view of marketing rather than “because you can.” 

To help you navigate the changing world of B2B marketing, we’ve put together a guide outlining the top four digital marketing strategies that we’re incorporating into our clients’ 2020 plans.

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Cindy Goss Interviewed on Leveraging Digital Marketing to Build a Stronger Brand

Cindy Goss, President of Propel Business Solutions, Inc., was recently interviewed by Steve Smith from Business Wingmen in a session called “Leveraging Digital Marketing to Build a Stronger Brand.” Tune in on September 7th at 11:00 AM to learn new ways to energize your marketing efforts, reach your ideal clients, and generate real results.

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5 Ways To Refresh Your Marketing Strategy in 2018

In today’s competitive business landscape, a solid marketing strategy is essential. Your business's success depends on the right type of strategy, and the right type of strategy can in turn lead to higher sales, new customers, and long-term growth.

As we look ahead to a new year of business development and improvement, here are five ways you can refresh your marketing strategy in 2018.

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5 Things Your Business Should Be Doing On Facebook

Are you stuck on improving the value of your Facebook Business Page to inspire your new clients and you don’t know how to go about this? Do your Facebook Business posts get a very limited number of Likes and Shares? To bring the most value to your target clients and compel them to become a loyal follower, you need to create dynamic and interesting posts on your Timeline – the kind of posts that will entice your fans to further your business’s market status. There’s a reason why more and…

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How Social Media Can Boost Your Client Relationships

When you think of Social Media, do you think of it as a tool to build client relationships? While Social Media is great for sharing the latest and greatest news about your business – it can also be an invaluable tool to build better relationships with your clients. Let’s take a look at some ways in which Social Media can help develop even more loyal clients. First, Social Media allows your clients to be much more vocal about their experiences with your company. Many clients will no longer accept waiting…

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Video Marketing on Social Media

Many businesses have been given advice that they should try video marketing on Social Media—and many are realizing the benefits of a truly integrated marketing campaign.  According to a study released in April by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 68% of marketers and agency executives expect to increase their digital video ad spending in the next 12 months. But if you want your videos to be successful, you’ll need more than just your smart phone. James G. Brooks, Founder and CEO of the video platform GlassView, has found that many videos aren’t even worth making for a few…

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Leveraging Social Media To Widen Your Sales Funnel

When you think of Social Media, do you think of it as a sales tool? While Social Media is great for sharing the latest and greatest news about your business – it’s also proven to be an invaluable tool for bolstering sales and gaining new clients. “Social Selling” is essentially a new approach to selling that combines traditional sales and social media. How can you make the most of Social Selling? Let’s take a look at some ways you can leverage social media to widen your sales funnel. Educate Potential…

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Should You Outsource Your Social Media To An Agency?

If you’re currently using an in-house marketing team for your social media, you likely realize that the time and effort it takes to stay on top of trending topics and how easily this task can get deprioritized. Your staff may be wearing many hats and may even feel a little overwhelmed by the increasing demands of social media management. Unfortunately, this often results in much slower social growth or occasional social faux pas while your team learns the ropes. So could it be time for your business to look for support from an outside agency to truly maximize your social media spend? When…

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3 Changes In Social Media All Business Owners Should Know

Have you been keeping up with the latest Social Media Marketing trends? We’re only about half way into 2015 and social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made significant changes that will affect business owners in all industries – especially those selling products online. While some Social Media Marketing trends may come and go, these three recent changes to the social media landscape are here to stay. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Facebook Messenger Is Now A Shopping Platform In March, Facebook rolled out “Businesses on Messenger,”…

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