Video Marketing on Social Media

Many businesses have been given advice that they should try video marketing on Social Media—and many are realizing the benefits of a truly integrated marketing campaign. According to a study released in April by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, 68% of marketers and agency executives expect to increase their digital video ad spending in the next 12 months.

But if you want your videos to be successful, you’ll need more than just your smart phone. James G. Brooks, Founder and CEO of the video platform GlassView, has found that many videos aren’t even worth making for a few reasons. Either they don’t achieve important marketing goals, like raising brand awareness or creating new sales, or they are poorly executed.

As a small to mid-sized business, you may not have an unlimited budget to make videos, but utilizing a professional team can help you maximize your success and it doesn’t have to break the budget! Consider this relatively new video on the Mighty Stash Bag that has made a strong showing so far, generating more than 132,000 views to date.

Clearly, the company hasn’t skimped on production quality. James G. Brooks reviews the video by saying, “the presentation feels professional, almost like an editorial review for a TV magazine. Although the video is less than one minute long, DYNOMIGHTY makes it easy for potential customers to see the merits of the product and to learn how to buy it.”

So is your company a part of the 68% of businesses that are increasing their digital video budget? Don’t let your dollars go to waste – utilize a professional team to maximize your success. Let Propel Business Solutions create your video marketing masterpiece.