2020 B2B Marketing Trends

2020 B2B Marketing Trends

Over the last 15 years or so, we’ve seen the mercurial rise of marketing technology, content marketing, easy-access digital advertising and a slew of other strategies and tactics. But what’s on the horizon for business-to-business marketing in 2020? 

With minimalism on the rise (Marie Kondo, anyone?), we’re predicting 2020’s biggest B2B marketing trend will be a pullback toward what works and what is smart. As an industry, marketing will adopt a more "strategic-minimalist" view of marketing rather than “because you can.” 

To help you navigate the changing world of B2B marketing, we’ve put together a guide outlining the top four digital marketing strategies that we’re incorporating into our clients’ 2020 plans.

Consolidating Excessively Large MarTech Stacks

Do you have too many MarTech solutions in place that aren’t even working together?

We predict that 2020 will feature a trend of companies looking to cut back on their MarTech spend and focus instead on what actually works. Systems that don’t provide much value – think of the myriad “analytics packages” that only put basic Google Analytics data into the WordPress dashboard – are certain to be abandoned. 

The Rise of Custom-Tailored, Unique Website Experiences

Are you really grabbing potential clients’ attention?

Pre-built WordPress themes are ubiquitous and for good reason. They’re cheap to buy, easy to develop, and super, super fast to deploy. All that aside, we see established companies moving away from them in 2020. 

To grab users’ attention, it’s important to deliver an experience that’s truly special and differentiated. While they’re fine as a temporary fix, WordPress themes can’t deliver this customization. Propel’s scalable and secure sites do deliver a higher level of customization.

Understanding How to Reach Your Audience 

Are you targeting the right potential clients?

Reaching people online is easy. Reaching the right people online requires more strategic thinking. 

When you’re looking for B2B lead generation, you’re trying to reach hyper-specialized targets. 

The trend for 2020 should be a push toward highly targeted marketing based on both demographics and predicted behavior. You’re going to see messaging more geared toward specific industry segments, specific companies and even specific individuals, disseminated with scalpel-like precision. 

It’s important to remember “B2B” doesn’t mean less creative or engaging than B2C. It’s all about the strategic approach. That means gaining a better understanding of the specific prospect, where they belong, and best practices on how to target them – not 10,000 people who vaguely resemble them. 

More Quality Content

Is your content relevant and useful?

Content marketing is not for everyone. When you’re producing content for content’s sake, you’re probably creating garbage. There’s no value to the user, and even if you end up ranking on Page One of Google’s results, you’re not going to convert anyone.

We couldn’t be happier to report — one big B2B marketing trend for 2020 — will be the end of people writing just for the heck of it. You might see more content produced, which is inevitable, but smart people will ask why they’re doing what they’re doing…and what value they’re providing. 

If you and your company would like to get a jump on 2020 marketing trends and integrate them into your marketing efforts and achieve real results, just call us.  Our extremely experienced and edgy team can get you ready for the New Year and increase your competitive advantage.  Visit our Capabilities page to see how Propel Business Solutions can enhance your company image in 2020.