5 Things Your Business Should Be Doing On Facebook

5 Things Your Business Should Be Doing On Facebook

Are you stuck on improving the value of your Facebook Business Page to inspire your new clients and you don’t know how to go about this? Do your Facebook Business posts get a very limited number of Likes and Shares?

To bring the most value to your target clients and compel them to become a loyal follower, you need to create dynamic and interesting posts on your Timeline – the kind of posts that will entice your fans to further your business’s market status. There’s a reason why more and more companies are making use of Facebook, so don’t be left out on the success you could have with this marketing strategy.

1. Share Regularly

The most important thing first: You have to understand timing and consistency are very important aspects in effective Social Media. Be certain your business page is continually sprouting out new posts and links, during ideal peak times and consistently every day,to make sure your business is part of the regular social media traffic. What’s the point of sharing quality posts if they aren’t seen by your fan base on a consistent basis? Make sure you are posting regularly to make a positive effect on your Facebook Business Page.

2. Request Reviews

Did you know that people actually trust recommendations on Facebook? Although they don’t show in Facebook’s stream, users see rating and reviews by visiting your business page. Building trust between your clients is an easy thing to accomplish by asking for reviews, so don’t be afraid to reach out for them. Once acquired, these reviews can easily be repurposed and reposted to your website or your printed marketing materials.

3. Target Existing Customers

Your existing customers are not only less expensive to retain, but they are also more likely to engage with your posts. Asking them to share your own posts, coupons, specials and sales with their friends is a great way to build existing engagement, retain customers, and spur more new business and not add to your marketing spend.

4. Utilize Analytics

Analytic tools are FREE on Facebook, but some businesses might benefit from paid third-party tools. Free listening tools from Facebook — and paid ones like Hootsuite from third-parties — benefit your business by giving you a simpler way to listen and post consistently, leading to an easier way to respond.

5. Be Responsive!

Listening and responding to customers is great social practice, as Facebook is rewarding businesses who respond timely to messages with a badge on their page. With free and paid listening tools available, it’s easier than ever to track responsiveness and earn the badge. This responsiveness badge could mean the difference between acquiring a customer and losing them to a local competitor.

With the average user spending nearly one hour per day on Facebook according to a recent survey, businesses need to do everything they can to grab a bit of that consumer attention.

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