Leveraging Social Media To Widen Your Sales Funnel

Leveraging Social Media To Widen Your Sales Funnel

Educate Potential Clients and Actively Discuss Your Services Online

With all the information available online today, the purchasing habits of clients have evolved significantly. Clients are not only sharing content on social media, but researching information and asking questions about services they are interested in. Key decision makers of companies are researching services online and having conversations via social media to help them make decisions. They are comparing professional services and products and getting opinions from experts and from their peers.

So what does this all mean? The majority of customers have made their purchasing decision before anyone from your company even reaches them. This means that everything you want a potential customer to know about your services should be readily available online. Does your website clearly showcase everything you offer and what your clients can expect from you in the end? Do you demonstrate what sets you apart from your competition? Think of your website and social media profiles as your online business card or company brochure. All of these marketing tools should be helping to sell your services for you before you even talk to a potential client.

Tap Into Online Conversations about Your Services to Gain Insights from Prospects

One of the great things about social media is that it allows consumers to openly discuss brands and lets companies actively listen and engage in conversations with customers. And with many key decision makers utilizing social media to research and ask questions about business services, it makes sense that companies should be monitoring these social conversations and jumping in to answer questions or nurture leads.

Using social media for selling can help you tap into conversations tactfully and gain important insights from prospects. Make sure you are monitoring your website and social media channels as well as looking for conversations on Facebook and Twitter about your services. Actively interacting online could help you find new leads with the goal of influencing them before a purchasing decision is made. More importantly, it provides the opportunity for you to build and maintain strong relationships with future customers.

Is your company leveraging Social Media as a business development tool? Whether you’re just getting started with Social Media or want to boost your current Social Media ROI, let the Propel team help you make the most of your internet marketing dollars. Visit our Capabilities page to see how Propel Business Solutions can enhance your brand and drive new business.