Is Strong Branding Really That Important?

Is Strong Branding Really That Important?

Branding extends way beyond just your logo and company graphics. It is everything you and your employees do and say about your company and its products or services.  From your logo, to your website, to the way you answer your phone or write your emails, branding is basically the way your customer perceives you.
A good brand doesn't just happen overnight.  It requires a process of discovery that unveils how your clients, employees and stakeholders really perceive your services.  At Propel Business Solutions, we’ve developed a proprietary process called DRIVE that gets to the heart of your customer experience.

Let’s look at a few reasons why digging into your brand is important:

  • Your brand tells people about your business DNA Your full brand experience -- from corporate identity markers like logos and taglines to the way you answer your phones -- tell your clients about why they should do business with you over your competition. Are all of these points of entry telling the right story?

  • Branding Promotes Recognition People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with. If your brand creates an emotional connection or reaction with prospective clients and it’s consistent and easy to recognize, it can help potential customers feel more at east purchasing your products or services.

  • Your Brand Helps Set You Apart From The Competition How do you stand out from the thousands or millions of similar organizations around the world? Differentiate your company from your competitors with strong, cohesive branding on all platforms.
  • A Strong Brand Let's Customers Know What To Expect A brand that is consistent and clear puts the customer at ease, because they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience the brand.
  • Your Brand Provides Motivation And Direction For Your Staff A clear brand strategy provides the clarity that your internal team needs to be successful. It tells them how to act, how to win, and how to meet the organization's goals.
  • A Strong Brand Generates Referrals People love to tell others about the brands they like. People wear brands, eat brands, listen to brands and they’re constantly telling others about the brands they love. On the flip side, you can’t tell someone about a brand you can’t remember. A strong brand is critical to generating referrals or viral traffic.
  • Your Brand Represents You And Your Promise To Your Customer It is important to remember that your brand represents you…you are the brand, your internal team is the brand, your marketing materials are the brand. What do they say about you and what do they say about what you’re going to deliver (promise) to the customer?
  • Your Brand Helps You Create Clarity And Stay Focused It’s very easy to wonder around from idea to idea with nothing to guide you…it doesn't take long to be a long way from your original goals or plans. A clear brand strategy helps you stay focused on your mission and vision as an organization. Your brand can help you be strategic and guides your marketing efforts saving time and money.
  • Your Brand Helps You Connect With Your Customers Emotionally A strong brand connects with people at an emotional level and purchasing from your company makes them feel good. Anemotional experience causes prospective clients to engage quicker and generates greater client loyalty.

Is your company on the road to rebranding? Whether you’re just needing some advice or a complete branding overhaul, let our team create your marketing masterpiece. Visit our Capabilities page to see how Propel Business Solutions can enhance your brand and drive new growth in 2015.

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