How To Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out In 2017

How To Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out In 2017

2016, in particular, was a huge year for content marketing and it looks like 2017 will be no different.  Since our society is experiencing information-overload like never before, an important question that should be on the minds of businesses large and small, is how can you make their content marketing leap off the screen and page?

Content marketing has become one of the primary ways companies of all sizes to reach their audiences online. With the competition for online attention heating up, what can companies do to still reach their true target audiences and leave them craving more? While the competition is definitely more fierce in 2017, there are creative ways to make content stand apart. In this blog post, were going to share several top content marketing trends all businesses need to know as we move deeper in the new year.

Video Will Be King In 2017!

One of the biggest trends in digital in 2016, and one that is sure to be more important for many demographics, is video.   Whether it’s live streamed or recorded, video will surely be one of the top content formats of the year.  On that note, last year we saw video platforms like Snapchat take the world by storm and Facebook Live becoming even more popular, and video was popping increasingly frequent in everyone’s News Feed.

But it’s not just live streaming that had success or will have success in 2017, it is also regular ole’ recorded videos as well. And what we know very well in the past five years is video works and it works very well. For example, studies have found by including a link in email, sales conversions increase by a staggering 200-300%. And, if you include a video on your landing page, you could start getting up to 80% more conversions. People are simply much more likely to take action after viewing a video, which includes engagement, such as sharing and commenting.

Video marketing is going to be huge in 2017, particularly on most all social media platform.  We’re likely to also see a lot of businesses and marketers creating more videos for their websites and social profiles, as well as using streaming services for a new way of reaching their audiences.

Visual Content Dominates!

It’s not just video that is going to be a dominant branding and marketing tool in 2017, other types of visual content will likely continue to be big this year.  Today’s online audience are much more “reading adverse” than ever before, making it imperative to use as many visuals as possible in your content -- such as images and infographics. And, it’s much more effective and makes your business far more relevant to your target clients, to create your own custom content instead of using stock photos – making your brand stand out from the competition and attract more of your audience’s attention.

Even with written content, it’s essential to use as much imagery as possible to entertain and intrigue your audience. Visual content is in high demand on social media, making it ever more important to create your strategy based around visuals such as .gifs, etc. to help you boost engagement, clicks and website traffic.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is increasingly important, since it boosts engagement and entertains and engages target clients at a deeper level.  At Propel Business Solutions, we create all kinds of interactive content for our clients – whether it’s for fun, just a good laugh or for important research purposes – and we post it directly on our clients’ website or in their social media campaigns.

We do recommend not overdoing it, however, with interactive content, as less is more when it comes to results.  A solid plan is to limited it to one every once in a while or risk not getting as much participation as you’d like to receive.

Your content marketing strategy must be considered very seriously before acting.  However, when the change is thoughtful, well-researched, and well-executed it can yield very positive results. Visit our Capabilities page to see how Propel Business Solutions can make your content marketing come alive and boost your branding and marketing success in 2017.

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