Why Great Graphic Design Is Essential For Your Business

Why Great Graphic Design Is Essential For Your Business

As a business owner, you likely have many concerns to address during your day, so you might be tempted to brush off getting your graphic and visual design just right. However, expertly-crafted graphic designs can help portray your business as professional and organized — to both your employees and your potential clients. It allows for better brand recognition and helps you communicate more effectively with your clients. Not to mention, it helps you stand out from your competition. Simply put, great graphic design is essential for building and maintaining a successful business.

Great Design Offers Brand Recognition

Well-designed corporate identity markers (logos, taglines, etc.), websites and corporate collateral help your business be easily recognized and quickly found by potential clients. Businesses with cutting-edge design also are often used as a reference when describing the “look and feel” they would like for their own company. Think about how people describe Apple – “Give me more of an Apple look – I want this to be sleek and modern.”  What do you want customers to think of your company’s website and marketing materials?  Does your design reflect your company’s culture and values?

Great design also allows your material to be easily incorporated or coordinated with your other marketing materials. This especially comes into play with online marketing and with social media where you can maximize your brand by being consistent. Make sure your advertisements and marketing materials are well-coordinated with your website design to maximize the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts.  When creating social content the same applies, as they also need to maintain the same “look and feel” to ensure faster recognition and strengthen online relationships with potential clients. Consistency among in all marketing elements is key!

Great Design Communicates With Your Clients

Another benefit of a strong design is the ability to communicate with customers. A good example of this communication at a large scale would be the Home Depot. Home Depot’s logo, with it’s “stamped” look and bright orange color (reminiscent of constructions zones), really gives a clear picture of what the brand offers.  Also, Starbucks’ earthly tones and laidback atmosphere help customers understand a relationship between the corporate look and designs and the core product.

Not only can you communicate the purpose behind your business with your design, but you can communicate more easily in general with highly creative design. This is pretty significant for smaller businesses and online businesses that do most of their work without face-to-face interaction.  Strong design allows a starting point when drafting content or designing additional web pages and ads, not to mention greater readability in your business’ content.

Great Design Promotes Professionalism

One of the most crucial benefits your business can receive as a result of good design work is the reflection it creates of the professional and organized culture of your brand. Handouts and advertisements that lack this focus and that are thrown together without a clear design structure, communicate to your client you don’t care enough about your business to make an investment in high quality marketing elements…and can create an inference can be made about how you might treat their business as a service provider. Every image and item related to your business helps people understand what type of company you are, so it’s important to create the most professional image possible through high quality visual graphics.

Another aspect of good design is the unity it brings to your company and your employees as a whole. People can more readily get behind businesses and brands that have put a lot of thought into their company image.  From a recruitment standpoint, it also helps lure top talent to your doorstep and gives your current employees something to be proud of … and compel them to want to share with others.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a growing corporation, you may have already realized the effect a well-designed graphic or advertisement can have on your business. If you’ve been doing your design work yourself to save time or dollars, this might be a good time to evaluate if this strategy is helping or hindering your business.   And, you might just be surprised how letting the professionals support you, doesn’t have to bust your budget.

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