How To Stand Out From The Competition

How To Stand Out From The Competition

Whether you own your own executive staffing or human capital firm, you’re a managing partner in a law firm, an owner of a CPA firm, an insurance brokerage or another kid of business owner, in today’s business climate you no doubt have lots of competition. There are plenty of other people in the same business going after the same prospects as you. Like many business owners, you may be wondering how you’re going to get more clients and take your business to the next level.

One thing is certain…marketing the way every other company does will keep your business stuck in the slow lane. You can’t expect to stand out from the crowd using the same marketing strategy everyone else does. If you want to transform your business, you need to first transform your marketing.

Want to stand out from the competition? Here are three ways to distinguish yourself from the competition and grow your business.

1. Target Your Market More Precisely

It’s a common marketing mistake to think that the more types of people you appeal to, the better. The opposite is true. Your prospects are rarely looking for generalists. They want someone who has the knowledge and experience to provide the solution to their specific problem.  Don’t be afraid of talking about areas of your business that you really shine in and that could be perceived as a niche.

Be precise about the ideal clients you want to you serve. Define your target market by industry, by size, by length of time in business, by the problem you solve, etc. Of course, you want to make sure that your target market is large enough for your business to be highly profitable.

When you are clear about whom your products and services really help, you’ll attract more clients and you can charge more because of your specialization.

2. Position Your Firm As Experts

Your expertise and that of your competitors may be the same. You’ve all had many years of experience and are successful to varying degrees. So how do you stand out?
If you want your prospects to see you as an expert in your field, don’t expect them to seek you out on their own. Demonstrate your expertise and give them a reason to contact you.

Create an irresistible offer that shows your prospects how well you understand their problems and can solve them.  Publish white papers and various on-line tools specifically designed to help your clients’ grow their businesses, provide ongoing referrals for your loyal clients, and offer a free consultation to your prospective clients to demonstrate how your services can support their businesses.

What are you waiting for? Why not find out the marketing strategies and techniques that will put you out in front of your competition today? Each day you delay means more business lost due to outdated marketing.

3. Build Strong Relationships With Prospects

“Out of sight, out of mind.” Once you’re out the door, off the phone, or your prospect has left your web site, they’re going to forget you. They are going to forget you just when you want them to get to know you, trust you and think of you when they are ready to buy. How can you make sure you have a stronger relationship with your prospects than your competitors do?

Create unique ways to contact with your clients and prospects that are meaningful to them. Give your prospects ideas they can use that continue to demonstrate your expertise and present them in a personal, engaging way. Your prospects are more likely to buy from the person they know the best and when they get to enjoy activities with you and others that work for your firm.

If you’ve been in business for a few years, you may have heard these three small business marketing ideas.  But the real question is...are you actually using them to grow your business? For many business people, these aren’t secrets or new ideas, but they have yet to put them into action.

Targeting, Positioning and Building Strong Relationships are three simple things you can do that the majority of your competitors, if not all of them, are doing. Do these three things well and you’ll add more horsepower to your marketing and stand out from the competition.

Ready to put these marketing ideas and more into action so you can bring in more clients and increase your market share? If you haven’t applied these ideas in the past it may be time to allow Propel's experts to show you what works and help you take your business to the next level. Visit our “Capabilities” page to learn more.