Does Blogging Help With SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a tricky beast that needs constant attention. Everyone who’s ever attempted SEO in any form knows that there really are no shortcuts when it comes to SEO – and there are especially no guarantees. 

While there are many strategies claiming to be the “end all be all” for SEO effectiveness, it is generally agreed that creating an effective SEO campaign will most always include certain steps. Some SEO techniques are data-driven, allowing you to analyze metrics to see whether or not they're actually working and adjust accordingly. Others like blogs, though valuable, make analytics a little more challenging. 

Does Blogging Really Help with SEO?

SEO companies may boast great results, but there is definitely a factor we refer to as “luck" that contributes to the success (or failure) of any SEO campaign. What we mean by "luck" is an SEO company can knock it out of the park with their strategy, put it into motion flawlessly, and for some unknown reason you still can't get the results you were hoping for in the end. 

An SEO provider may boast if you post blogs three times a week for six months, you'll be dominating the Google search results in a big way. But, in reality, they can't promise that any amount of blogging will get you results. And even if you do see yourself high in Google rankings, there's no guarantee that people will read your posts. And if many people do read your posts, there's no guarantee they'll convert to customers. See what we mean? 

Those things depend upon the strength of your marketing and sales funnels, whether you market effectively to your target audience, if you offer valuable content with compelling call-to-actions (CTAs), do you truly understand what your competition is doing strategically and tactically, and how competitive is your pricing and market space in general, and much more. 

Does blogging actually help with your SEO strategy? The short answer is…“Yes.” While blogging success can be unpredictable, it still can be a very effective component to your SEO strategy.   

Make Sure Your Blog Posts Are Valuable…They Establish You as an Authority…And They Build Trust

Your blog either has that all important “it” factor, or it doesn’t. You’re either generating significant leads from your posts or you’re not. If you’re not, you’re also missing out on an exponentially beneficial competitive advantage that other businesses are enjoying. 

B2B marketers garner 67 percent more leads when they use a blog than when they don’t. You’re also losing out on the sustainable website traffic – and potential droves of qualified leads – with the 97 percent more inbound links you’ll have popping up throughout the web, directing more online users to your site. 

Consumers research before buying like never before and most do so online. Most business owners, especially those in competitive markets, want to show off their expertise in their industry. They want to establish their authority and build trust in their brand. So at its core, your blog posts should do three things: 

  1. They add value and credibility for your services
  2. They establish you as the authority or thought-leader in your industry
  3. They build greater trust and long-term loyalty for your services 

When your blog content is valuable, it becomes a resource, not just for your market but also for your industry. Over time, more sites will link to your useful posts, attracting more potential leads and clients to your site…without you having to put in more work to generate those leads. 

Is your business currently blogging and reaping the many benefits? Whether you need guidance on beginning a high-performing SEO campaign or just basic guidance on effective blogging for your company, connect with us and learn more.