5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Presence

5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media Presence

According to data from the Pew Research Centre, 74% of American adults are active on social media. With that in mind, it’s obvious that social media is a great place to create awareness for company and today, businesses just can’t afford not to be “in the conversation” in their market space.

In addition to providing unparalleled access to a huge variety of leads, social media also allows your business to interact with consumers via a variety of unique channels, such as blogs, image sharing services and video content.

Here are 5 tips to get more out of your social media presence.

1) Nurture your fans

Social media is nothing without followers so one of the most important things you can do is to cultivate and nurture your fan base. A considerable social media following allows you to rank well in organic SERPs and reach leads beyond your immediate customers. Additionally, a healthy group of fans allows you to make more sales and further position yourself as a leader in your industry. There are many ways to nurture your social media fans, but the most effective ones are very obvious:

  • Read and respond to fan comments and input
  • Offering great content your fans find valuable
  • Engage with them on the social media channels they prefer and
  • Offer the occasional giveaway or VIP incentives program

These simple things can help keep your fans interested and engaged and ensure that they come back for more.

2) Use visual content

Visual content is all the rage right now and rightfully so. Content that contains compelling visuals and imagery attracts an average of 94% more total views than text-only content and 60% of customers are more inclined to reach out to a business when its images pop up in local SERPs. With this in mind, dedicate yourself to spreading visual content across all of your social media platforms. You can do this by posting images of your recent blog post to Instagram and inserting the link to the blog below it or by creating unique infographics to accompany your written content. In addition to being attractive to your fans, visual content also packs a great deal of information into a small space, which means it has a high potential of going viral and earning you more views for your site.

3) Create lots of content

The great thing about social media is that it is a dynamic environment and you’ll do best if you refresh it often. This means uploading pictures frequently, creating new blog posts and videos, offering giveaways and trying out new social media channels. This shows your progressiveness (or at least strongly imples this) as a company and that you’ve crossed the chasm to joining the digital revolution - and site from looking old, outdated or stale and helps give existing customers something to look forward to on a regular basis.

4) Be excellent at customer service

Did you know that social media can be used to fulfill customer service requests quickly and efficiently? Take stock photo company Shutterstock for example, which uses Twitter to receive and respond to customer service requests. The Twitter platform allows the company to handle customer service requests quickly as well as allowing customers to receive real-time feedback about their input. This in turn makes customers feel seen and heard and contributes to the development of a good customer/company relationship.

5) Repurpose your content

Social media is a great place to repurpose old content into something new and exciting. Because social media is generally a shorter form than a blog post, it’s easy to break an extensive blog post up into a series of tips posted on Twitter or to use the questions you receive about a product or service on social media into a series of short videos or podcasts on the subject. Additionally, you can turn blog posts into infographics to be shared on Facebook or offer live Q&A sessions on a live stream app like Periscope.

For companies that want to be found online, social media is an opportunity that’s simply too good to miss. With so many social media platforms to choose from, it’s no wonder that upwards of 88% of brands use social media for marketing purposes. Taking the time to optimize a social media marketing strategy is a win-win way to get the most value out of each social media platform used.

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