3 Viral Video Marketing Tips We Can Learn From Indie Rock Band OK GO

3 Viral Video Marketing Tips We Can Learn From Indie Rock Band OK GO

YouTube was barely a year old when OK GO became its first viral music video superstars on July 31, 2006, with their video “Here It Goes Again”. The video got over 1 million views in less than six days and, the ‘Treadmill Video’ is still one of the most successful, and recognizable viral music videos ever seen on YouTube. OK GO is still putting out viral hits with their most recent optical illusion video “Writing’s On The Wall,” gaining almost 10 million views in its first month. Their music videos on YouTube have been watched more than 218 million times and several of their videos have upwards of 20 million views, thus making them the masters of viral music videos.

Why is video so popular? The simplest explanation is that video engages in a way that no other formats can. Visual content is more powerful than words and can quickly capture your attention. Video has a longer “shelf-life”, a high share factor and a great potential to become viral. And one more thing – people just love video content.

Video is a perfect medium to inform, engage and convert. And if just a few years ago people might have thought that it is crazy to use video for business purposes, now it is crazy not to take advantage of this marketing channel.

While none of us can guarantee or predict what will go viral, there are several lessons that can be learned from OK GO’s viral music video strategy. Let’s take a look at 3 of the strategies that have really worked for them and see how you can implement them into your own video marketing campaign.

1. Hook Your Audience With Innovation

OK GO’s first music video was “A Million Ways,” which consisted of the band dancing to creative and difficult choreography all in one take. It was popular because nobody had ever done this type of music video before and the choreography was extremely impressive. Everyone likes to dance and great choreography helped their video rise to the top.

How can this apply to your own video marketing strategy, as it applies to professional services in general? What can you use in video to hook your audience with the latest and greatest innovations in your industry? Brainstorming internally in collaboration with a marketing agency is the beginning. This helps you decide which innovative features of your business or services to showcase in a way that is completely new and different from your competitors.

2. Keep It Simple

OK GO followed up their first viral video with the hit “Here It Goes Again,” which featured the band dancing on treadmills. In less than a week, the video had been watched a million times. That’s more than 1.5 views a second! Before the video was taken down in 2009 and reposted through VEVO, it had accrued over 52 million views. What made this video interesting is that it built on their previous video of a one shot choreographed dance, but it made it a little more difficult by throwing treadmills into the mix. The video works because it focuses on the treadmills and doesn’t add too many distractions.

How can you apply this technique in your video? Just keep it simple! Don’t try to wrangle too many ideas within a short video. Focus on one important or unique idea at a time.

3. Make Use of Technology

After they got tired of dancing, OK GO made several technologically advanced videos using everything from computer imaging technology, to laser engraved toast, and hybird human-technology dancing. We are living in the golden age of technology and everyone is waiting to be impressed by the next big tech advancement. Can you tell your business story by utilizing the next big technology? Propel Business Solutions cutting edge filmmakers and videographers can bring your business vision to life in ways you might never imagine.

Viral videos are impossible to predict but following these 3 tips will help increase your odds of creating a video that people want to share, parody, and watch over and over again!

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